5 Ways To Freshen Up A Bathroom

Have you ever had guests in your home and did not want them near the bathroom? If yes, you are not alone, as many people have faced challenges in keeping their bathrooms fresh. It could be that you have cleaned the space well only to find that there is an odour. Or the bathroom could feel musty, more so in log homes. These smells are a result of poor cleaning, lack of ventilation, humidity, and other such factors. Here are five ways in which you can keep your bathroom fresh:


Airflow is necessary for the bathroom. It thus follows that there should be adequate air flowing in and out of the space. Having open windows goes a long way in reducing smells in the bathroom. It is even more effective when there is cross-ventilation in play as in this way air can move from other rooms to the bathroom to the outside and vice versa.

Where the windows are not adequate, you can rely on an overhead fan to further aid in air circulation. People have a habit of opening the windows or turning on fans after using the loo. While this works in removing odours, it is not sufficient. Circulation should take place throughout the day, regardless of whether anyone has used the toilet or not.

Having moisture in the bathroom is an easy way to create a thriving environment for mildew. That is why you will come across spaces that feel musky and are uncomfortable to be in for long periods.

When you are using a fan to aid in circulation, it is essential to service it now and then. Cleaning it twice a year should ensure that it moves clean air through space. Also, if you live in a dusty region, you may want to clean it more often.

Getting Rid of Odours

The last thing you want is for guests and people in the house to walk into the bathroom and face odours. Not only does it make using the bathroom uncomfortable, but it is also embarrassing for you. Homes should be fresh in and out. The focus you put on the kitchen garden is the same that should go into your bathroom. Log homes are not all that different when it comes to conventional homes regarding bathroom spaces. And here is how you can protect yourself from embarrassing moments: use an odour eliminator.

In most cases, people use air fresheners featuring different scents. And these work in keeping the spaces smelling great for a while. But these products do not get to the root of the problem. Instead, they cover it up. Thus, where the odour is stronger than the freshener, you can get a whiff of the bad smell even after spraying the space.

Odour eliminators are the better choice as they attack the terrible smells. In this way, you can look forward to a space that is devoid of odours. Luckily, there are many options on the market. All you need to do is get a product labelled as an odour eliminator.

In some cases, you might find that the smell requires more than an odour eliminator. It could be that even with a fan in place, the air still smells terrible, and you need help in keeping it odour-free. Where this is the case, you can use an air purifier, which increases air circulation and removes bacteria from the space. The size of the purifier will ultimately depend on how big the bathroom is.

You can also use an air freshener in combination with the purifier and odour eliminator. Some people choose to make their solutions using water and essential oils. Many formulas exist on the market, and you can use a trial and error method to see what suits your space.

Dry the Space

You might find that the odour is not as a result of toilet use, but rather, owing to a mildew build-up in the space. It is vital to keep the bathroom dry after using it as this eliminates the chances of mildew growth. But you cannot always have a dry space, and you will need some help in achieving a mildew-free space.

Using desiccants is a good idea as they will absorb the moisture in the room, leaving the air dry. If you would rather stay away from chemicals owing to the presence of children and pets, there is an alternative. Having plants in the bathroom has been proven to aid in drying as well as freshening up bathrooms.

Thorough Cleaning

Sometimes, the odour problem comes down to the effectiveness of the cleaning methods. As much as most people do not want to hear this, it could be that you are not cleaning the toilet as you should. Leaving microorganisms in the bathroom increases the chances of odours, and the smell rises with the build-up. Common culprits in bathroom smells are toilet tanks and drains, which are often not cleaned. Ensure that you do not neglect any spots during the cleaning for the process to be thorough.

Using natural ingredients such as baking soda and lemon juice has proven to be effective in fighting odours. You can add these ingredients to your usual cleaning routine to get more out of the process.

Adding essential oils to the cleaning products also helps in fighting microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. Plus, they smell good.

Making Changes

Sometimes, your bathroom may emit odours owing to structural problems. A good example would be porous caulk, which takes in odours and emits them. Re-caulking your tiles would thus be an excellent way to beat smells.

Also, consider the ability of the bathroom surfaces to resist odour and moisture. Sometimes, the problem lies in the materials in place. As much as making such changes could dent your finances, you will have a clean space in the long run. And that makes it worth your time and money.


Freshening up bathrooms in log homes requires some changes in ventilation, humidity, the products used, cleaning processes, and structures in place. With these factors covered, your space should smell great. Best of luck!