5 Flowers For Your Garden That Will Boost Your Mood And Calm Your Mind

Gardening has always been a simple way to boost one’s spirits. There is something about being surrounded by thriving plants that calms nerves and rests troubled souls. It is not uncommon for people to take up gardening as a way to deal with stress. And with the availability of wooden summer houses, you can garden all year long, thanks to the controlled conditions they offer. The scent of flowers as they bloom, the beauty of thriving herbs, and the glory of canopies heal the soul. But some flowers stand out from the rest regarding their healing and spirit-lifting abilities. These species not only ease your tension, but they also help you get better sleep at night. Over time, you should notice that your mood is significantly better. What are these flowers? Well, here is a comprehensive list:


Are you anxious? Do you need to keep an eye on your blood pressure lest it gets too high? If any of these situations apply to you, this is a flower you should consider planting in your garden. Not only does it look great in the garden when planted, but it also comes in handy in flower arrangements. You can thus pluck a few of these flowers when entertaining guests to create lovely pieces around which conversations can take place. It is robust and features flat heads, which are uncommon in most flowers. This variation in its appearance gives it a rare beauty that is sure to enhance the look of any room. The yarrow does not have a given colour as it changes with time. As it ages, the edges turn pink, giving them another variation over other flowers.

Caring for these plants will give you the peace you deserve. You could also use the plants as a sedative to help you sleep better. And when you need to watch your blood pressure, this plant is sure to be of help.

When planting, yarrow selects a site with adequate access to light. This plant does best in full sunlight. Where this is not possible, you can choose a location with partial shade. Note that the lack of adequate sunlight will lead to floppy stems that need staking.


Have you heard of the hormones dopamine and serotonin? Well, these are the happy hormones that have you feeling giddy about life, and about everything. But there is a chemical that inhibits their production. And when this happens, you are likely to feel depressed about life and find little joy in most things. That is where these flowers come into the picture. They block that depressing chemical, and they help you get your happy back.

But that’s not all they do. When consumed, chives help you enjoy your sleep more as they will virtually knock you out. Also, if you have been having trouble remembering the small or big things, you should get some help from chives. They aid in memory retention.

They work great as garnishes. They not only look appetizing, but they also taste as good. People who have not eaten flowers before may have a hard time getting used to the idea of consuming them, but once you have a taste for these chives, you will be going back for more.

You can plant these around wooden summer houses. They have fluffy heads, which are ideal for use in arrangements. Note that chives grown from seeds can take up to a year to get to a large clump. But the results will be worth it.


The rose is a classic flower, which does not get old even as time passes. And they are on this list for plenty of reasons, but we will focus on the two main factors. For one, they are beautiful, and they have earned their place in several flower arrangements. Whether you are going for a single stem variety or planning to have a bush, these flowers will not disappoint. They have an abundance of hues, and you can create patterns with them with ease.

Secondly, they have an unforgettable scent. You can probably remember the first time you got a whiff of a rose’s scent. They smell as beautiful as they appear. And this scent has been proven to ease anxiety and alleviate depression.

When planting roses, be sure to account for spacing. Miniature varieties will be ok with ten inches between them, while hybrids will require two feet. If you opt to go for the large types, anything from three feet will be ideal.


The Chinese are known to have age-old traditions that have seen them through the centuries. One of these is the medicines that they craft from herbs and flowers. The white peony, when used as a medicine, has been shown to reduce anxiety and alleviate depression. Having it in your garden would thus be beneficial to you and the people who surround you.

Additionally, this flower has a beautiful appearance. Its blooms are a sight to behold, and there is no denying that it is unique. From healing the body to soothing the mind, you can expect tons of benefits from this plant.

These flowers have both male and reproductive structures. You can plant one where you want to save on space, as they are self-fertile. Where you plant a peony with others, cross-pollination will take place.


If you want a plant that heals you from the inside out, this is it. Chamomile continuously releases vapours that travel to your brain. They reduce your stress and alleviate any tension that you may be facing. For a long time, people have used this flower to fight depression and anxiety. It is also used as a mild sedative as it can calm your nerves on those bad days. Have you heard of chamomile tea? It stems from this beautiful plant and has worked many wonders over the years.

Planting chamomile requires that you exercise caution as it is quite delicate. This plant takes about sixty days to reach maturity. It should be ready for harvesting about two months from the sowing of seeds. You can choose to use the flowers as part of arrangements or as medicine. Either way, you will reap the benefits of this plant.


There you have it, an easy way to ease those tense and anxious moments. Have fun!