Blue Paint Colours You Literally Can’t Go Wrong With

Painting your walls blue is a great way to try out various themes in your house. Blue is a versatile color, and for this reason people love using it on the walls of their wooden houses. This color can be anything from moody to calming. And given that you can use it with other colors without clashing, it is a great choice.

There are many shades of blue on the market, and thus choosing one may be a hard task. However, you can narrow down your search to the best options at present as you will see below. Going blue is natural and with these light, medium, and dark hues, your house will transform into a haven. Have a look:

Light Shades

If you want to create a calming effect in your home, your best bet lies in using a light shade of blue. It is neutral and will work with other light shades. Additionally, it is bright and will liven up your space. Here are some ideal choices in this regard:

Smoke Ring Blue

This shade features a refreshing crisp look that will be a welcome aesthetic in your home. You can play with it by adding fabrics in this or other tones. From navy to slate, there is a lot that you can do to come up with a blended appearance. You can also choose to go the other way by using bright hues such as red. The lightness of this color allows you to take your theme in any direction you would like. Plus, it feels warm and is great for lounge rooms and other places where you go to relax.

Borrowed Light Blue

Some colors make rooms appear much more significant than they are, and this is one of those magical hues. It makes the ceiling feel taller, the walls far apart and the space larger. In this way, your space will no longer feel cramped, and you will enjoy your time in the room. If you have felt that your house is a little tighter than you would like, this shade of blue will work wonders for you.

Blue Veil

As the name suggests, this hue does not jump out at you. Instead, it is quite subtle, and it makes your home feel welcoming. Thus, it is ideal for use in bedrooms and lounging rooms. The positioning of the hue will determine the appearance of the room. If you go high, the room feels larger.

Gray Blue

This color works best for small rooms as it makes them appear large and free of clutter. It somewhat washes over a room and reminds you of being out in nature. It has a soothing effect, much like what you would get from the ocean or staring at the clouds.

Early Frost Blue

If you love the color of fog, then you will love this hue. Some people think of it as a light gray, but with its blue and purple elements, it is frosty. It works great for anyone looking to liven up your space, more so for wooden houses located near water features.

Medium Shades

Maybe you do not want something so soothing or something so vibrant, what would your ideal option be? Well, the medium shades will work best as they strike a balance between these two extremes. Here are some options:

Jet Stream Blue

This hue reflects that of the sky, and it feels calming, without being so subtle. It works to blur the edges on the walls, and you can experiment with other colors for the desired effect. Try having some shades of green in the mix and see how this works out.

Drenched Rain Blue

Picture reflections of the rain with some elements of gray in the mix, and there you have this soothing hue. It works excellent in relaxed spaces such as breakfast rooms where you want to dance around between the intense and subtle colors. You can pair it with bright colors to increase its intensity.

Antiguan Sky Blue

This calming color is excellent for use in relaxing rooms as it soothes the soul. You can use it with other blue shades, or you could go bright to add some playful elements to your space.

Turquoise Tint Blue

If you wish to be at one with nature, you can paint your walls with this appealing hue. It is much like what you would see on an island. It feels tropical and is the ideal balance between intense and subtle. Looking at it, one can picture tropical fish swimming in the islands. Plus, you can add as many bright colors to the room as you would wish.

Celestial Blue

Where you plan on having other colors in the room, this is a great choice. There is no denying that this is a blue owing to the clarity in place. As such, if you place something of another color against the wall, the variation will be evident. It lights up a room and thanks to its play on nature, it has a calming effect.

Major Blue

This color inspires happiness in anyone who walks into the space thanks to its vibrant and calming feel. Pairing it with greens will make it pop and will remind you of being on a tropical island.

Dark Blues

These colors are bold and the darker they are the stronger their might. Here are some examples:

Searching Blue

While light shades are often the standard calming hues, this color has proven to be quite soothing. And what’s more, it has an exciting side to it which makes it quite playful on the eyes. It is a mix of confidence, vibrancy, and calmness.

Pitch Blue

This blue is as the name suggests. It is dark, bold, and impossible to miss. With some crisp and timeless colors in play, your space will be breathtaking.

Caribbean Sea Blue

Yes, bring in a color that reminds you of being out at sea. Feel the wind blowing against you as you throw caution to the wind. Be free, live, and enjoy the moment. That is what this color brings to life. You could also try the Santa Monica Blue, which reminds one of the sea at low tide. Or the Polo Blue which takes you back to the frigid waters of the Atlantic.

Be bold, go blue, and witness the transformation of your home.